Saban football.jpg

The Playbook

It’s one hour until game time and the playbook has gone missing. The biggest game of the year is about to kick off in 60 minutes. Every play, every move, every goal that the team has been working toward all year is in this book. The fate of the team is in your hands. Return it and that win is within reach!

The Casino

You've orchestrated an elaborate robbery on the city's casino. You're inside help has left you multiple clues throughout the room but they are disguised very well and you'll have to decipher all of them within 60 minutes. The police will be notified sometime during the robbery so be prepared to move quickly.  The clock is now ticking....


The Cabin

You’re on a hike and have lost your way. You stumble upon a cabin in the woods. With little water left, and no more food, you enter the cabin to see if it can provide you with the nourishment and shelter you need until sunrise. The cabin in far beyond what you expect; it's more than a mere dwelling; it’s four forest walls with stories, secrets and much, much more. The last wanderers did not make it out. Do not let this cabin swallow you too. Get whatever you need and get the heck out!

The Prison

You’re in an abandoned prison, previously home to some of the country’s most notorious criminals. You and your team must escape the lone soul left behind; the incarcerated doctor. He’s been imprisoned for crimes that are too horrific to say. You’ve been captured, and will be his next test subject if you do not escape. Beware, be careful, and seek safety! You have 1 hour.