Escape Tuscaloosa


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Hey - so glad y'all found us! You're here, which means you're ready for an escape room experience or at least willing to find out what the hype is all about; that's totally cool with us!

As escape games are sweeping the world by storm, we think Alabama is a great market for participants looking for a fun, exciting, challenging and unique experience. Whether a corporate team building day, double date with friends, ladies night out, or church group outing, we've got you covered! Come on in and tackle the challenge!

Our Story

We are so passionate about our business! We have created an experience that we are proud of and fully enjoy ourselves! When we experienced our first escape room, we were instantly hooked on the idea, but wanted to add our own spin to it! Our goal was to create a fun, pristine, and challenging experience for all who come in! Unlike most escape rooms, our's is composed of many different levels and in some cases expand into more than just one room! Our rooms are so authentic, like nothing you have seen before! We hope that you come to love this experience just as much as we do! Happy adventuring and escaping!