Escape Tuscaloosa



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Abducted in plain sight, many have gone missing and the people of the town have been living in fear for nearly a decade. Information has leaked in the whereabouts of the abductor and his most recent kidnapping. The public has taken it upon themselves to catch him, and they won’t stop until they do.  



This abandoned cabin isn't what it seems. Get out fast before the crazy cabin owner catches you bloody red handed!

You’re on a hike and have lost your way. With little water left, and no more food, you stumble upon a cabin in the woods. Your only salvation is through this creepy cabin. Do not let this cabin become your permanent residence. Get whatever you need and seek safety quickly!



Explore the Alabama-like football locker room and help Coach Nick Saban find his missing playbook before kickoff!

It’s one hour until game time and the playbook has gone missing. The biggest game of the year is about to kick off in 60 minutes. Every play, every move, every goal that the team has been working toward all year is in this book. The fate of the team is in your hands. Return it, and the win is within reach!



You'll be the doctor's next test subject if you don't break out fast!

You’ve been captured and locked in this abandoned prison, previously home to some of the country’s most notorious criminals. This is the doctor's favorite place to preform experimental surgeries. You and your team must escape the insane doctor's wrath before he chooses you for his next experiment. Beware, the doctor is in! Escape with your life!